Online ordering tool

Exclusively for its Competence Certification Agents, EOQ offers secure access to an online portal for ordering EOQ competence certificates.
Certificate issuance, registration, billing and follow-up is instantaneous, offers numerous features and assures CC Agents and their clients of excellent service.


  • WORK IN PROGRESS -We are currently working on extending this digital tool so that it can also be used for the newest EOQ products: 
    - ordering and processing of EOQ diplomas (for the ' European Knowledge Recognition'/ EKR)
    - ordering and processing of EOQ statements (for the 'European Qualification Recognition'/ EQR.)

As a result, in the near future, this service will also -in addition to Competence Certification Agents- be offered to Knowledge and Qualification Agents respectively.

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Document Management System

To inform their members in the most transparent and effective way, EOQ members have exclusive and secure access to the online document management system.
Members are informed of all necessary information through a comprehensive consultable document management system.

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