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A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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The European Organization for Quality

EOQ, is an autonomous, non-profit making association under Belgian law.


The 61st EOQ Quality Congress will be held on October 11-12, 2017 in Bled, Slovenia, having as motto "Success in the Digital Era - Quality as a Key Driver". The Congress is organized with the valuable support of the EOQ National Representative organization from Slovenia, the Slovenian Quality and Excellence Association (SZKO). For more details, see the invitation of SZKO President.



  • Paris will host the 62nd EOQ Quality Congress 2018 second half of June. The French Quality Association, France Qualité (AFQP), will organize this Congress in synergy with its partners. 
    • EOQ achieved milestone in Europe-wide recognition of quality 

    In January 2017 the EOQ was acknowledged by the European Accreditation (EA) for its quality management personnel program (EOQ Competence Specification/Certification Scheme 9000). This allows the accredited certification of quality personnel throughout Europe. Details in EOQ Press Release

      • DGQ/Germany (EOQ NR organization)
        DGQ Quality Day (Q-Tag) on November 22nd 2017 in Stuttgart
        The annual fair “Control” in Stuttgart, May 09-12, 2017
      • HNC/Hungary (EOQ NR organization)
        March 1 - Software for Quality Service - Seminar
        April 6-7 - 10th Lean Forum - Conference on Process Development (Co-Organizer)
        May 31- June 2 - 17th Quality Days of Healthcare - Conference (Co-Organizer)
        September 14-15 - 24th Conference of the ISO 9000 Forum (Co-Organizer)
        October 25 - 14th Conference on Quality Management in the Food Industry
        November 9 - National Quality Conference
        December 8 - World Day of Traditional Food "TERRA MADRE" (Co-Organizer)
      • UASQ/Serbia (EOQ Affiliated member)
        International Convention on Quality-UASQ ICQ 2017, organized on June 5-9, 2017 in Belgrade/Serbia. Details here
      • SFK/Sweden(EOQ NR organization)
        March 15. Quality Day of the Spring at the Linköping University.
        April 27. General Assembly of SFK Sweden. Jönköping at Qvalify AB.
        November 16. World Quality Day at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg
      • SAQ/Switzerland (EOQ NR organization)
        „Tag der Schweizer Qualität – 10.5.2017“ in Bernehttp://www.tagderschweizerqualität.ch/detail/897/registration/
        „FOREP – Forum Excellence + Performance – 2.11.2017“ in Yverdon-les-Bains
      • SSK/Slovakia
        World Quality Day Congress - November 15-16
    • EOQ launches the European Quality Leader (EQL) 2016 contest. Candidates for the yearly European Quality Leader award may be proposed by EOQ National Representative organizations.
      The European Quality Leader is awarded by the EOQ to the best applicant to the yearly contest, by taking into account the defined EOQ-EQL criteria. Granting the EOQ QL Award is a strategic decision of the EOQ to promote top performances of people acting in the quality field in its broadest sense.

      The EOQ European Quality Leader 2016 will be awarded during the 61st EOQ Quality Congress of Bled/Slovenia, October 11 - 12, 2017.
    • EOQ updated Normative documents (EOQ Competence Specifications and Certification Schemes) available for all interested organizations and professionals active in the fields of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, social responsibility, risk, energy management systems! Here
    • EOQ important News! All persons (world-wide) interested in EOQ's activities and products are invited to become EOQ Individual Networking Partner Members


      • MoU signed in Helsinki/01.06.2016 by ITC partners with World Alliance for Quality members to create Global Platform for Quality to assist SMEs - Joint initiative to promote the development of effective quality management and assurance systems. See Press Release

        Photo: from left to right Patricia La Londe/ASQ, Margareta Funder/ITC, Marcos Vaena/ITC, Greg Watson/IAQ, Ichiro Kotsuka/JUSE, Dr. Eric Janssens/EOQ, George Georgiades/EOQ, Bill Troy/ASQ, Dr. Pal Molnar/IAQ, Janak Mehta/IAQ 
      • The EOQ General Assembly, held in Warsaw/Poland on December 4th 2015, approved the further development and implementation of three new EOQ products:

                      • EOQ Model on continuous improvement 

                        • Quality Mark: Recognized by EOQ 

                          • Brand Management

                        For further details please contact EOQ Director General eoq@eoq-org.eu

              • At the EOQ General Assembly meeting of Leuven/Belgium, 06.12.2014, Benedikt Sommerhoff from DGQ/Germany made an interesting presentation - "The future of our core profession - The transformation of the Quality Manager". For details please contact eoq@eoq-org.eu
                Watch interview with Benedikt Sommerhoff.
              • Signing the IPC MLA with EOQ by the IPC Chairman Giancarlo Colferai
              • ISO Focus available free online - From now on, the electronic edition of ISO’s magazine ISO Focus+ is available for consultation and downloading free of charge from the ISO Website http://www.iso.org/isofocus+.
              • European Accreditation recognized stakeholder status of EOQ (November 2010).

              JOB and Career

              Welcome to the EOQ's job vacancies service!

              This site is open for job search for persons having a valid EOQ certificate. 

              For the opportunity to place your job search online, please contact EOQ or directly the EOQ Director General, Dr. Eric Janssens. Please add your up-dated CV. 

              European Quality Week 2016 Events

              The European Quality Week, organized annually by EOQ, will be celebrated this year in the period of November 7 - 13, 2016 under the slogan "Quality for Results". The EOQ National Representative Organizations are celebrating in their own countries by various conferences and events, e.g. (see details):

              • CSQ/Czech Republic
              • GAQ/Georgia
              • DGQ/Germany 
              • HMA/Greece 
              • HNC/Hungary 
              • NNK/Netherlands 
              • NFKR/Norway 
              • ARC/Romania 
              • SFK/Sweden 
              • SAQ/Switzerland 
              • TSE/Turkey

              National Quality Mark Labels – Recognized by EOQ


              SQ (Slovenian Quality) Mark is granted by the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence (SZKO) to companies registered in Slovenia with good business results, high quality products and/or services which have been produced in Slovenia. At least 50% of knowledge, materials, parts, and work involved have to be of Slovenian origin. By this, SZKO strives for the promotion of good Slovenian companies and Slovenia as a country.  More...

              Details about SQ Mark
              Quality Mark SQ Symbols 
              Ceremony on issuing one of SQ Quality Marks

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